Jamie Levinson Consulting, LLC provides tailored services to meet the needs of each client. We work with you to determine your business objectives, and to design and implement solutions which give you the results you want. Our menu of services includes:

Executive and Employee Coaching – One-on-one coaching to evaluate and increase effectiveness through the use of feedback and on the job action learning.

Facilitation – Expert small and large group facilitation of training and OD solutions resulting in highly interactive forums and in-depth learning.

Customized Training Programs – Consultation to develop training programs tailored to meet specific business objectives and behavioral outcomes.

What people are saying …

“Jamie is an excellent trainer and terrific communicator. Her approach to training is legendary at TIAA-CREF! She instructs assertively, is very knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. She uses feedback and small group work expertly which strengthen employees’ abilities to acquire greater skills.”

VP, Moody’s

“Jamie has solid experience in training delivery, and design. She also has strong skills for facilitating classroom discussions and team meetings!”

VP, Talent and Management, Guy Carpenter

“Jamie brings high energy and enthusiasm to her classes. Today, I learned skills that I will use for interviewing candidates in my department. Thank you for your feedback and patience.”

Manager, DTCC

“I love Jamie’s classes! She makes the learning fun and comfortable, and she is very approachable.”

Employee, TIAA-CREF

“Jamie, my coach, pushed me to reflect back on myself and helped me formalize my vision through guiding questions. Through specific structures and resources she helped me become more informed about myself and gave me tools to identify my areas for growth and how to action plan around them. Through our work together Jamie gave me honest and helpful feedback that helped me develop confidence and assertiveness going into my first year as a principal.”

Coaching Client

“As a coach, Jamie is respectful and an attentive listener, with a unique ability to encourage honest self-reflection. Her coaching enabled me to uncover patterns and identify strategies, which helped me put in place better goals and tighter processes. Each session with Jamie has been a chance to reflect, celebrate and learn.

“I give Jamie my warmest recommendation.”

Client, Ashoka