Overview of Executive Coaching Services

Jamie Levinson Consulting, LLC provides customized solutions to meet the needs of each client. Jamie works with her clients to help them clarify their focus, create measureable goals, and develop behaviors, which translate into greater effectiveness at work. Jamie Levinson Consulting, LLC provides the following services:

Executive Coaching – One-on-one coaching which supports the client’s discovery, clarity and alignment with what he/she wants to achieve at work. Assessments, 360 feedback, discussion, and on the job action learning are used.

Facilitation – Expert small and large group facilitation of training and meetings, which result in highly interactive forums and in-depth learning.

Customized Training – Leadership skills training programs, which can be tailored and delivered to your organization. Some of our courses are listed below.

Leadership Presence: Do You Have What It Takes?

In today’s business environment, having leadership presence is vital for managers and leaders! Leaders must command the respect of clients, peers, other leaders and teams in their organization. They need to perform under pressure, have impact and keep their agendas moving forward. Leaders must communicate authentically to create vision to inspire others and lead change.

In this program, participants will learn the characteristics and behaviors associated with leadership presence. Participants will assess their own leadership presence and credibility, practice demonstrating leadership presence and receive feedback.

Coaching for Success

Engaging employees in the workplace today is no easy task! To fully engage employees, leaders need to not only manage their teams, but also coach their employees to support their individual growth and development. In the coaching role, leaders enable their employees to leverage their strengths and to strengthen their areas for development. This results in highly engaged employees with stronger skills, and greater productivity for business areas and for the organization.

In Coaching for Success, you will learn core-coaching skills and have an opportunity to practice and get feedback from your peers.

Powerful Presentations

Public Speaking is still the number one fear in America! And right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent, by the self-confidence we show when we deliver business presentations. Learning to speak powerfully means getting comfortable with your own unique presentation style, and maximizing your strengths.

In Powerful Presentations, you will learn how to deal with nervousness, balance the use of verbal and non-verbal behavior, and how to handle questions from the audience. You will have an opportunity to practice making a presentation, get feedback and gain skills to be a powerful presenter.